Desbrickea tu Wii con una Iso!!!

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Desbrickea tu Wii con una Iso!!!

Mensaje  Rodro el Lun Mayo 19, 2008 6:32 pm

como dige desbrickea tu Wii simplemente con una Iso y un elf!

NTSC Semi-brick fix disc
May 17th, 2008 by bushingBy popular request –

I’ve made a disc which will hopefully fix any NTSC Wii that got bricked by an imported Mario Kart game (or similar). It is an ISO with one partition — an update partition — and it contains three files:

* IOS30-64-v1040.wad
* SystemMenu-v289.wad
* __update.inf:

System Menu v289 is the newest NTSC version of the system menu available on Nintendo’s download servers; it’s what you will get if you go into the Settings Menu and perform an update. I packed it into a WAD, and maintained the original, valid Nintendo signature, so it should be safe to install. (The disc, however, is fakesigned. This should not be a problem.)

I’m including IOS30 as well, just in case — it’s what this system menu uses. I would expect all systems out there to already have it installed, but hey.

Obligatory warning — I have tested this on 3 Wiis and it seemed to work fine, but I can’t make any promises that it won’t brick your Wii. It contains no safeguards; use this ONLY on an NTSC (US) Wii. If you use it on an NTSC/J or Pal Wii, it WILL BRICK you. (If there is a need, I can make similar discs for those systems.)

Good luck!

Simplemente descarga esto

Semi-brick fix discs for all three regions (hopefully)
May 18th, 2008 by bushing · 20 Comments

As promised, here are discs to install the latest version of the system menu for each region — v288/v289/v290 for JAP/USA/PAL, respectively.
(these are just temporary links – dCiSo has generously offered to host these on


For more information on what these images are and how they were made, please read NTSC Semi-brick fix disc and NTSC Semi-brick fix disc, comment 22. The USA version is identical to the one in that article, but renamed for consistency with the other two.

Please note that I have not tested either of the NTSC/J or PAL versions the PAL version because I have no way to do so, and although I have double-checked them, they were created manually. Hopefully the first people to try these will comment below reporting success — before trying them yourself, please scroll down to see if anyone has reported problems, and I will update this entry once they have been confirmed to be safe and effective.

Es un disco lo lanzas y listo deja que aya su trabajo despues dejas que reinicie y wuala bienvenida de vuelta Wii sin brick BannanaYoshi

Recuerden esto solo para piratas no hay todavia opcion para los que tienen Wii sin chip asi que los que brickiaron la Wii gracias a un Wad desinstalado desde la Wii y no desde el Wad unistaler coperaron con su Wii

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Re: Desbrickea tu Wii con una Iso!!!

Mensaje  kuro el Miér Jun 11, 2008 5:46 pm

sigo sin entender por ke el tema ta en ingles y no en nuestro idioma nativo... por eso es ke no caxo ni una xD ademas de no darme cuenta que este tema estaba publicado xD ademas de que no tengo la wii brickeada xD se nota ke toy aburrio xD.... BannanaYoshi

ejem ejem que modesto yooo xD
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